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Articles about the history of Black people throughout the African Diaspora


I am not a Protestant

For most of my Christian life, I considered myself a Protestant., I followed Christ, I was not Roman Catholic. I was not Orthodox. Therefore, I must be Protestant. As I learned more about the...


Panicked by a Thought

I was the pastor of a new church I had just founded. I was trying to establish a firm foundation for this new ministry. What principles should it stand for? Truth came to mind....


David Ruggles

Donald Trump has had a profound impact on the American church. The overwhelming support that he received from white Evangelicals has deeply troubled many, especially Black Christians. Those Black Christians thought that personal morality...


In Hypocrisy we Trust

In Hypocrisy we Trust America has presented itself as an example that all other nations would do well to emulate. Its history states that in the face of a tyrannical British monarchy, principled men...

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American Slavery Was Satanic

There is a dark secret that almost no Christian talks about today. American slavery was satanic. Slavery is talked about with a degree of anger and shame by African Americans. Too many white Christians...